OPERATION OUCMEK is a North Korean Point to Point pin to pin [shortwave} network extablised since 1998 to overthrowh the US government.  Penndylsvania is the primary pointt of transmission so if you want to stop by and grab a cone of vannila ice cream and shit your pants we can make that happen almost anywhere within the city limits.

Starving Fat Fuck

Starving Fat Fuck was not the worst guy in the wold.  He gets bitch slapped by green aliens all the time, and the grey dudes just sit there and complain.  Being beige myself he considered me like the lazy philosopher, but anyway, we both agreed.  We need some sanctions.

I mean does like everyone at Los Alamos or Portland want to wake up tomorrow slap their wife, pee their pants, and loose track of their car keys?  Is our only defense to literally bankrupt a country that is that sophisticated with human analysis that nothing educationally can be distributed?

I dunno, may be can buy the need manufacture chinese plates instead of having to pee, or some fishing methods instead of defecating when experiencing religious phenomena.  LET ALONE DETONATE DIRTY BOMBS….

In my experience, sure the prostitute was a bitch, but the artist was cool, the mathematician very cool, and the elderly couple smart enough to network my entire mind on a an atatri 2600 while discussing cocaine expenses and their child living in LA.



They’ve got all star yo yo’s tennis players, baketball, knitting, candy making, and citrus fruit for sale cheap.  In exchange they want a diplomat to exchange this and would welcome further talks to establish ties with Mockingbirdmouth and four other people that are all gemini’s and in wealth peace loving family.  If you wish to validate these statements mail us an email through the US Vietnmese Embassy in Saigon and address it to Pyongyang.

We at the Providence North Korea Side of Pyongyang look forward to initiation integration diplomatic asssociations before peeing and defecating in the oval office becomes the bird bird on campus.


THE BLACK HOLE Dick Sucker via Pyongyang

Tradidtional symptoms uses in Pyongyang. #1 Nosebleeds: induces a fear of infection. #2 Painful Chronic Headache: Induces Fear and Subodination. #3: Belly Roll Laughing and Hysteria: Results in desocialization. #5: Heavy duty tinnitutus, deafening, disorienting, and easy to explain. #6: Belly Roll Lauging while staring at the barrel of a gun: effect termination of spiritual pain. #8 Prostheliztion to Kim Jun Un.  Urination and defection are corrsponded to various other patterns of gentlmanly like behavior like homosexuals to openly acknowledged no one is outsid of Kim Jong Un’s view.

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