She-Male Neurosurgery


PROJECT: Paul Pots Step Granddaughter BUSTED!


HIGH VALUE ASSET : One Female 42-48 years old, brunette mother of two, associations with Canadian Royal Mounted Police task force; requiring government oversight. Divorcee, daughter of an associate of the man whom killed Poll Pot. Has been neuromimetically conditioned since the late sixties by others. Currently capitulating upon acquisition of human nervous system conductivity studies for Blackwater including the assumption of foreclosure sales and an attached real-estate investment strategy.

RESULTS: $148 Million to $152 Million of mismanaged governance/ensconcement.

REQUIREMENTS: Access to Beached Whale Number two: Codenamed Jon Bon-Jovi heavyweight regarding use of calculated mitigation of misuse of government and civilian Blackwater/Military Governance using methods associated with provenance and paining acquisitions.

ALIASES: First Names: Anne, Jane, Kathryn. Last Names: Whitman, Spaulding, McGibson.

Notes: Blackwater “SUICIDE BASE” in Seattle. Attempted to recapitulate by Seattle WA, mother of two, Anne & Jane ages 4 and 6 years old, suicides via third party, uses Brigham young university for Quantum AI, divorcee, psychologist. two people on staff. $1.2Million of liquid, $14m of property, caused 14 suicides per month until recently, in Sept, where oversight was instantiated and then builds artistic creative endeavors of some sort. Gets ahold of nervous systems based on wether or not the person was making decisions, based upon psychometrics she developed for learned helplessness. 4 properties acquired this last year. Extortion, Larceny, Blackmail against Blackwater in USA. 114 People in her “Subject Study Group”, who she has profited off of both regarding their nervous systems and their repossessed properties bought at for auction. Bought each nervous system from DARPA in bulk, in lotteries. Husband and father both military. Born in Virginia. Father worked on Paul Pots, shot him with a vaso-constrictor as a result of a retaliation against Khmer Rouge, interpreted as a heart attack. Using neuromimetic conditioning apps on him, as well as suppling narcotics, with who knows what.




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  23. She-Male Neurosurgery | MOCKINGBIRDMOUTH

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    She-Male Neurosurgery | MOCKINGBIRDMOUTH

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