Los Alamos 82 yrs old, 24 years experience, confesses to 15,000 Deaths via MK Ultra request for submissions.

An 82 year old female “matriarch” ANNE OF GREEN GABLES: acknowledged that she has commiserated to destroyed  the records of her participation, and presupposed that in over her 25 year history of MK Ultra research she has intentionally killed 15,000 Americans Civilians.

She currently resides outside California Penitentiaries and spends her money building lap pools for her grandchildren.

I mentioned that Germany convicted Oskar Groening of 300,000 counts of  accessory to murder.  She was nonplused. Its not my problem.
I suggest the FBI run a full blown investigation to find her ability to declare immunity before she escapes behind her ensconcement of senile dementia.


48 Year Old Female: MD. License to Practice Medicine. Stanford associations.  Admits to approximately up to but not portentously so 20,000 suicides homicides over a 15 year service record.  African American Female, highly educated, black panther associations, desire to kill American Civilians due to abreaction via MK Ultra baseline sequences:

MBM: Define baseline sequences.

BLACK MOMBOZA: Baseline sequences are when african american females at Stanford could not get a job working at the government labs in neuroscience, so as a colleague of “black-espionage” itemized how to kill and confuse the opposite attenuate damage, and convict the innocent to plead guilty as charged.  There are five subdivision of the human nervous systems we use currently to inculcate diplomatic immunity so as to allow foreign allegences including pesticide damage, identification fraud, and now human remote trafficking is being leveraged as to avoid in scrutiny charges.

MBM: Do you believe you and others like you should face justice?

BLACK MOMBOZA: Myself or others like me?

MBM: Yourself first.

BLACK MOMBOZA: I believe I am protected by Second Amendment Liberties, if you come after me, my assault rifle will be your brain on a stick of fine ice.

MBM: Others?

BLACK MOMBOZA: I believe I differentiate myself from others due to religious scrutiny and federal income tax.

MBM: Meaning you pay federal income tax?

BLACK MOMBOZA: I have, but my allegences are to Switzerland and their “esteem aristocracy”.  I admit the charges of espionage are not unfounded and I would take my identity up with the UN peace keeping treatises to allow us to continue to practice medicine at the expense of the american bank accounts register to my name.

MBM: So you are admitting to working for a foreign government inside Los Alamos, and that your allegiances lie outside of the United States.  What sort of peace treaty are suggesting of the UN Peace Accords that are non-scientific.

BLACK MOMBOZA: I will die trying to annul my allegiances if found convicted of espionage treatises that allege me to no avail.

MBM: End of the sentencing. The witness pleads innocent until proven guilty through trial by jury in a penitentiary cell.

BLACK MOMBOZA: I should face the death sentence or this will be done again, and again, and again…

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