Lactation Studies on Dostinex Replacement and Agressivity


Wanted for Psychosexual Surgery.

Hans Zoemer, Deitrich Pfeiffer aka, Kubrick’s AntHill for babies. Biopsychiatrists.¬†28 ish, Dutch German. ¬†Perpetuate the myth to desire to fuck and kill thy mother at Los Alamos via a populist campaign involving scientist children and the surrounding community for plexification and non-biological rehabilitation research as is therefore typified by Sandia National Laboratories of Siler Blvd.

Child development via olfaction and amygdala simulation, $5K/hit four matricides, Dresden University, court blvd, $5K cash per opportunity.

Mr. Pfeiffer returned home after five successful matricides.

May peace be with us all.

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