Advice to Pediatricians


The problems with remote neural monitoring consist of several subdivisions.

The problem with pediatricians and remote neural monitoring is that there is an implied infantilism implicitly associated with said technology. It is not precisely pedophilia, per se, but in the inadequacy and indecency of exposing adult males to them entry level symbol systems at times when they’re not just inappropriate, but can also cause physical accidents to occur. For example the child is exposed to the positive reinforcement of a Smiley face say a cartoon for example while having a dirty diaper, the child will associate adversity with smiley face-does smiley face then mean a dirty diaper?

In adult neural monitoring yur seeing social aptitude or inclination to people exposing themselves and others to psychiatric inventories that are based around an inability to perceive said subjectivity. Therefore, what occurs is almost inherently psychopathological. This is a problem because of the advancements of the technology that is at our disposal that consists of micro-molecular inverse engineering of bio-psychological principles that are incomprehensible to most anyone whose nervous system has not been intentionally manipulated.  In these situations the science and technology is almost perversely acknowledging bioscience as social platform with inconsequential references to any type of legal mediation.

For example the Manchurian candidate is based in operant conditioning the China deployed in North Korea on returning troops. What I’ve seen first handedly, is the utilization of hypnoagnosia which allows for a person to be remotely operated and blind to the actual physical participation they have during acts of violence. Blood on their hands and absolutely no recognizance.  In addition this technology can also inhibit the access of explicit memories during said acts-a construction of intentional amnesia. In a sense the person becomes a candidate who is un capable of controlling their activities and therefore also potentially seen as innocent of all actions as well.

What can result is thus a perversion of neuro-chemistry inside children that enables them to create reinforcing patterns based around violent behaviors and a catastrophe pertaining to educational responsibility.


Defining the Milgram chain.

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