Journalistic Credibility and Clandestine Science.

My name is Diane, I’m a psychologically inclined journalist currently employed by the Central Intelligence Agency in Dallas Texas. Our discussion was organized around the limited set of psychologically comprehensible misnomers labeled “journalistic credibility”. As it pertains to a discussion regarding cognitive surveillance, clandestinely evocative subliminal influences, their renegotiations and my relationship to the joint chiefs of staff.

Each morning I awaken, brush my teeth, knock off the dirt from my shoes, exercise 14 minutes, drink a cup of coffee, and begin audio taping everything I’m receiving psychoacoustically.

Upon arrival at the office I dump all of that material onto a local hard drive and begin a local commotion. What I mean is that I brief all the markers of the tape-recorded documents feed them into a local hard drive, transcribe using an automated dictation machine and then evidence whether not anything I have recorded has as any value, as a substantial amount of the text I’m producing has inconsequential errors and erogenous zones I need to allow for enough time to legally mitigate what is consequential and needs to be delivered as a single page brief daily.

My background is in journalism, and not psychology as it’s a very different writing discipline than the gravity of discussing current day psychological operations as pertain to Iraq, or the rest the middle east in a comprehensible form. It suggested this type of literary track can be negotiated in something more closely resembling science fiction fact because it can be more accessible.

Now in addition, you might want to make this obvious for the readers, that this is something of a blog as pertains not just to neuroscience but as well to encourage open common dialogue that has no legal consequence, as your data will not be disclosed, your privacy is your own personal business. Now as the ramifications of these open discussions need to be mitigated continuously, we can make assumption that the Central Intelligence Agency should not be placing us in harms way as a result of mitigating what Facebook may be releasing any day now.


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