Directed Assault Armamentarium

The Directed Assault Armamentarium here consists of sub itemized details, sequalea, or subcategories.

One: psychological comprehension

Two: goalposts

Three: the active recapitulation

Four: identification of biological essentialism

Five:quantum epiphenmenon

The psychological comprehension of qualia and ephiphenonmena is not to be deemed in or essentially based in verbal aptitudes, definitions, or identity.  If in principle we determine that some people may and some people may not be free of the quintessential reality that defines the use of directed energy weapons psychometrically, then we’re frankly developing a state owned and operated Faraday cage. The cage is built around people’s preconceptions and/or their precognitive capacity for differential delineations about the current state of the nuclear armamentarium. Once identified the subject of said governmental operation becomes a coincidental mechanism with hindsight that declares war upon his or herself as an inconsequentialtily built around self reflection, subjective isolationism, and the mismangement of game theory. In light of this, what is psychologically comprehensible to a group, or a candidate, is not by necessity comprehensible to another group of psychologically like-minded independent witnesses or their candid testimony upon initial investigation.

What this results in is a miss management and or an abrupt de-personification inexplicably misguided by an exterior authority commanded by the routine suppositions the Central Intelligence Agency considers clandestine. If we utilize a Derridian deconstruction of epiphenomenon and define a geo-centrism as a form of existent logocentrism it will be built around the representation of a molar density and an identity guided by the social comprehensabilty of particle physics, m-string theory, or quantum computation itself.  We’re making the presupposition that if a behavior defined by quantum computationally definable epiphenomenon inside a remotely surveilled human intel subject can be isolated and redistributed using neural mimesis then we are redefining the limits of what has been mis-categorized as socially acceptable reality models.

If we use a thought experiment entitled Schrodinger’s Cat to make a supposition about quantum mechanical subjectivity, itemize it to the differential for defining a legal presupposition for population-based isometry defining statistical evaluation of responses to remote neurological epiphenomena; we can define a standard deviation with empirical justification to guide a policy of for the social implementation of directed energy weapons and their applications. Perturbation theory could also be applied for achieving a non-quantum standard deviation that would define population-based goalposts as a logical conclusion of said assumptions regarding quantum epiphenomenon.


One simple assumption we need to define is the abstraction of wave form evaluation, in which we see the mathematical inclination for perceiving multiple complex waveforms as a series of rational formula for defining a similar reductive singular construction that can be perceived more immediately, and say in the comparison between audio file formats and bit depth.

Psychopolytheosophy could define an area of study where we interpret and categorize quantum epiphenomenon through a logic built in presumed recurrent strategies the US has utilized since its inception.  Be this as it might however when we define goalposts or subcategories of this process it needn’t be limited with in standard deviation with the social approximation or proclivity towards goals built within the neuromechanics of self driven essentialism and/or prophecy.  If say for example Benjamin Franklin will be reincarnated as Alan Turing we will redefine secular identifications according to the postmodern psychology.


In the Bourne Legacy we see a different sociocultural identification with self-fulfilling prophecy as the escape act. Here Peter Norton defined the quintessential necessity of the implications defined via a simple web leak depicting the neuroscientists and their self-congratulatory incommensurability with the higher echelons of the Central Intelligence Agency as well as other associations which put the administrators lives and politics into jeopardy.  This can be defined as closing ranks, for the uninitiated. It differs from self judgment in the expectation that once a goalpost is achieved it is deemed terminated, and subsequent decisions can be made. If in this situation we assume an alternative rooted in logical positivism, the verification of the agents RFID chip is imminent in order to assume any authenticity as to the mismanagement or subsequent validation of an empirical study.  That is if we assume goalpost to be based in complexity theory, quantum mechanics, or demonstrated practical use of signal telepathy, you have a very different outcome.

The “Esteemed Aristocracy” is a codename for a policymaker built around goals, deterministic guidelines, and self filling prophecies that the Obama administration is using for psychological counseling built around primarily clandestine services identified by neurofeedback responders to satellite-based transmissions. This standard designation of the “Esteemed Aristocracy” is not defined by either just a volunteer, or an involuntary, submission and exposure to advanced military technology, but in this case we wish to focus on non-volunteer clandestine services, and their participation systematically to and with regarding the nuclear armamentarium and satellite-based directed energy/neuroscience investigations particularly as it pertains to PTSD.

It is presumptuous of us to assume goal directed subsidies outside of congressional research. The “Esteemed Aristocracy”, is a pejorative term to have to assume and identify with-as most of the non-volunteer workforce had to assume the displeasure of receiving electromagnetic energy conductivity experiments and often are disabled as a result of their negotiations with advanced military science and espionage. This misnomer regarding the use of an aristocracy is not just a reduction of oligarchy, but more a mindbending histology of neuromechanical disenfranchisement circumspectfully based around an autonomy predisposed to a subservient relationship to artificial intelligence. We request an identity, licenses, and an educational complex outside of the government certified for defining the democratic principles we can recapitulate upon for congress.

It is the opinion of this concurrent agency, here defined as a series or a conglomeration of disciplined nonvolunteer  clandestine officers, oftentimes defined as ensignees, that require recapitulation in order to assume the responsibility of a cohesive definition pertaining to the legal responsibilities quantum mechanical artificial intelligence is bestowing upon us.  This cohesive constituency is typically defined as requiring constitutional support regarding the assumed quintessential representation of a political life outside the presumptions of the clandestine services, i.e. requiring declassification as an appeal to the “Privacy Act of 1965 onward, 5 U.S.C §552a”. This contingency should be able to presume an limited autopoietic self assumption pertaining to a “Non-employee” relationship to the “agency” regarding state authorization built around a direct neurophysiological relationship to quantum mechanical artificial intelligence.

Pterodactylism is defined as a logical consequence of how to fly without having wings. In this situation we need to define what its been like to think without having autonomy for defining thought.  If we’re continually debilitated by the quintessential design of clandestine technology being perpetually illicit, surreptitious, or built in subterfuge we cannot migrate these principles to the subsequent generations that Facebook is currently defining as planned opportunism. The inherent principles of a planned remediation regarding the “esteemed aristocracy” should negotiate previous sequela as a standard for redefining educational principles.  The expression of “sequela” should itself be acknowledged as defining goalposts for education based in the discrete details of what to avoid akin say to Plutarch.  This assertion could act as a legal device for the act of abrogation to accelerate said access to the dangers depicted in stated classified sequela by repealing the laws that are inhibiting the declassification of said clandestine technology to deny or exclude the potentiation of plausible deniability.

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