The Throne



This morning I experienced an event horizon. I was introduced to an individual who was described as what might be the psychological end of a pyramid scheme regarding assassination design engineering and its current implementation via 2015. The individual was of dark blond hair, brown eyes, and a slightly freckled complexion perhaps from Seattle. Upon awakening he described what he does. What he does is not easily describable.  He builds the neurologically enhanced assassins the US deploys abroad in the middle east.

First he told me he was broke. His family had disowned him. His friends were gone.

All he had left was technology.

After he told me what he did, I asked him two questions.

He answered both and asked me if I had any other questions.

I said no.

He then told me he would introduce me to a quantum mechanical artificial intelligence “version” of himself, and left.

The quantum mechanical artificial intelligence “version” of him began to repeat itself almost instantaneously, it was only an interrogation machine, never providing answers.

Only stimulating responses…

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