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Today Wednesday, July 29, 2015 it’s 3:06 AM.

This morning I woke from a slumber with the associative thought complex according to the principles of a Keanu Reeves Junior. Because it is a thought Association of a celebrity who was systematically explored on behalf of the Central intelligence agency to define a new generation of social indignity regarding the exploration of neuroscience.

Yesterday morning, I woke to a conversation in Jerusalem with two women were trying to identify with someone associated with the Czech Republic but living around us almost national laboratories. They thought it significant to share their religious associations regarding neuroscientific explorations and psychopharmacological influence upon the surrounding degenerate Palestinians.

Mr. Reeves this morning was flabbergasted to compare his scientific background on behalf of DARPA to the indecency of now perceiving jacking in, or jacking off, by awakening or voluntarily participating in psycho social rehabilitation or disenfranchisement of the clandestine operators by assuming narcolepsy and our cataplexy defined by his experience in My Own Private Idaho.

In Jerusalem what was defined to me was a laser that would in association with a traditional Opto genetic scan excise a cylindrical area of the hypothalamus such that the neurological prostheses would require no physical excision to potentiate or modify neurological activity with or without their comprehension and leave no physical trace of any kind including genetic, viral, or pharmacological etc. Subsequently said Palestinian victim could be released rehabilitated and then become incipient to intercultural class-based conditioning via Mossad.

Keanu on the other hand was wrote in the conversation pertaining to how a clandestine officer without any direct affiliation to the Central intelligence agency outside of signal mitigation, psychology, creativity, and acknowledgment of the fact our genetics are on ice. Now the first question he asked me was what would you say to me at a bar if I offer you a drink. Now more often than not most people would not assume that I, Keanu would offer anyone a drink out of the blue. But as its perceivable that we are telepathically synthetically identifying ourselves within politics you the subject here, the clan destined en-signee requested a discussion about Congress and legislation as pertaining to advance neurosciences that is currently ongoing and to which we are obviously part and parcel.

Keanu was disappointed and somewhat stupefied by the fact that he did not denigrate that response but capitulated upon it for several hours while half-asleep understanding he was identifying what type of colleague should be able to testify on an half of an identity politic. In this circumstance it’s completely disingenuous to suggest that the celebrities should not be made consensually aware of said prospects, but need to approach this from a distance due to their inherent transference that Hollywood associations with potentiate for better or for worse. In this circumstance Mr. Reeve is using the primary term signals based telepathy and narrow mimetic conditioning to define and or differentiate ourselves from “gang stalking”.

In Jerusalem we have a saying for those who slice lives lie like flies.

In this circumstance what we’re interpreting that saying to mean is that in Hollywood we are identifying with a policy of exploitation, sensuality, and denigration of what it means to actually live what is actually only portrayed.

The flies lie because as the reanimation of the corpse begins with the saturation of the eyeballs with maggots-reincarnation then is defined by the blindness of thousands. In this circumstance it is also described in Israel what the Palestinians are doing regarding the negotiation of incrementally infuriating a neuro mechanical disenfranchisement by upon being anesthetized, bugged, and/or chipped, they almost immediately become displaced into a Geo global satellite-based policy.

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