Caecus Videre Omnia

A Study in Psychopolyphilosophy, regarding plausible deniability, clandestine geo-strategic policies, and the use of espionage, for acquiring simple solutions to incomplete problems.


    Hit Kill Death.

    When one is a person they take responsibility for numero uno.  

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    Decipher This Suckers-This is for the Homozooids out there! 42.911.42.0 that’s a joke to tom sawyer fans without blow holes hit squad

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    How To Sue Yourself Into or Out of Existence: Kelleys’s Post Mortem Words To Live By

    HOW TO SUE YOURSELF INTO OR OUT OF EXISTENCE: KELLEY’S WORDS TO LIVE BY: if a subpoena can exist inside a mind and according to law a concentration camp exists at Los Alamos, who seeks to win the race to erase the planned consequentialities of said existence? If I-amness [heideggarian] means we are a spiritual […]

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    Dr. Stranger than Pulp Fiction

    NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS: DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!. [RUSSIAN LAUNCH SEQUENCES OF THE 60’s]. Launch codes are subdivided among a group of several henchmen, each at approximately the same paygrade, when then found responsible in navy practice also issued a circular launch receptacle key that is carried around the neck and if found responsible […]

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    When Trees Fly and Mockingbirds Stopped Singing.

    When Jungles were in the Trees Where was Planet Earth? -In the air. As monkeys grounded themselves with fruit, their penis’s grew larger, the seamen flew faster and violations grew like the Banana Republic on Methamphetamine.  

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    Ho Chi Minh Trail

    I arrived a thin Chinese Man there on business to sell hard plastic zip ties.  After awakening from a deep sleep and massive jet lag, two young bearded men zip tied me to the bed, gagged me, sliced off my penis and placed it into a bag while ointment and a diaper of sorts was […]

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    The Lewinsky File

    To Hillary Clinton regarding Mind Control in New Mexico and Assault Weapons


    Dear Mrs. Rodram Clinton.

    Can we talk about the disparaging use of the “Throat Microphone”, as a freeway to unmitigated proposals for surrogacy?

     It is the opinion of this humble author that awakening at 2’clock in the morning with your attitude shot down in desperate wakes of humble pie, do not define a generation.

    Instead, can we negotiate the fact that I have a peculiar request?  Can you shut the hell up or is someone going to steal your throat microphone to wantonly disabuse Mr. Clinton all the way down the sewer pipe, while radically denying the use of “signal telepathy” as a result of an insufficient sum of money being placed in taxpayers hands?  

    Does this make sense Mrs. Clinton?  

    Is triskaidekaphobia the same thing as sticking a chip up some dudes asshole and forgetting to turn off the microphone so his dick stays hard all summer long whiles yous a going off on some mighty raping pilagin storming all half cocked and in non-plausible deniability mode until the hens come home?

    I mean seriously I offer you a job, and you offer me a meal ticket?  

    In Pertubana, Eastern Illinois we got us some good ripe chicken.  They’s a so done a good at it that a during Halloween, them little kiddies Flew Over the Coookoos Nest fer Free!  And on top of that they translinguilated the whole damn thing on pay per view so you din’dint have to a been there for the real thing!

    So anyways, lets get a dun into it, and say “squat shit” this heap of a piling mesmerizing imagery is a gone done in itself without a throw poke insiderism.

    Ptawn McGovernership

    Urbana Illinois.

    Aberdeen Washington MKUltra Style


    Once upon a time in Virginia, a little school girl named Hillary Clinton took a poop in a toilet and asked the poop if it could say her name.

    That poop is still alive and wanted for storytelling a tale about shagging the President of the United States under the nose of Federal Surveillance.

    Monika Lewinsky is a hell fire and brimstone arrogant wasp elite bastardized celebrity wanna be encoded with nothing but non-stop liability. Currently in Washington on the Delaware or in Minneapolis if she is caught dead on arrival there is an immediate consequential alert that officially allows her double to arrive on time to her next appointment.

    Do You Have Underwear On?


    If Monika Lewinsky steps foot in Washington she will face the wrath of God in a Fireball called “Monika Lewinsky’s Double Face“, which upon first exclusion of a second veto signed yesterday as a result of federal oversight may non-denominationally exclude “you”, from being able to practice martial art therapy without a license if it is not declared legal by Los Alamos standards as pertains to inhuman violational principles.

    In Aberdeen Washington the pity of self goal determinacy is wether or not one wants to “pitch the pulpit”. This is an exemption backward to re-deidentify those personelle who violated first amendment principles at their liberty. The Cubicles in Washington on the Delaware are aware of these cubicle studies but are now aware of what the purpose would be outside of military deployment. It might be a derogatory definition of having to sequester yourself across the Mississippi and into Indiana Utah.

    Put Moninka Lewinsky into a tax deficit expenditure and have her take up the clause of “abreactive reconditioning“, stated the numbilical cord.   


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